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Doyle Consulting is primarily offering a specialist service for permanent placements in the following fields:

Construction and Engineering

  • Construction Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Site Managers
  • Foremen Carpenters
  • Carpenters

Doyle can also offer Cognitive Testing and Myers Briggs Assessment.

Cognitive Testing
Doyle Consulting uses the Wonderlic Personnel Test. This test measures general intelligence in that it describes the level to which an individual learns, understands instructions and solves problems.

It has been shown that higher scoring individuals will learn more quickly, will master more complex material and will make better judgements when information is lacking. Modest scoring individuals will require more time, specific instruction and standardised job routines.

The test consists of 50 questions and incorporates a wide variety of problem types, for example questions include word comparisons, disarranged sentences, sentence parallelism, following directions, number comparisons, number series, analysis of geometric figures and story problems requiring either mathematics or logic solutions.

Although this test assesses learning potential and general mental ability, it will not tell how well a person will employ their ability. Verbal referencing will establish motivation levels and should verify the findings of the cognitive test.

Myers Briggs Assessment

The Myers – Briggs Type Indicator was developed from Jungian type theory, and goes beyond the identification of extrovert/introvert and reports preferences on four scales;

Where you focus your attention

  • Energised on the outer world Or
  • Focused more on own inner world

How you acquire knowledge

  • Primarily using senses – ears, eyes etc Or
  • Intuition

How you make decisions

  • Thinking – weighing and analysing objectively Or
  • Feeling – making decisions that a based on values

How you orient toward the outer world

  • With thinking and feeling Or
  • With sensing and intuition

The MBTI is primarily concerned with the valuable differences in people that result from where they focus their attention, the way they like to take in information, the way they like to make decisions and the kind of lifestyle they adopt. Each type has its own set of inherent strengths.


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